For the 4.0 Industry

ST-One on an electric panel

Easy to program

Drag and drop interface
for programing.

Machine to Machine

ST-One is the perfect tool
for M2M interfaces

Fog computing

We already know the potential of the
cloud, now it's time for fog devices

ST-One on a DIN rail

Snap to your cabinet

ST-One was built to bring IoT devices to the industry in the most comfortable way. It's form factor was designed to fit perfectly on DIN rails, which makes it easier to take ST-One where the machines are.

Connect and Control

It's possible to connect ST-One with the most common interfaces and devices available in the market.

Some of the interfaces available:

  • S7 Communication (Siemens PLCs)

  • EtherNet/IP (Allen Bradley / Rockwell / Omron PLCs)

  • Databases (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)

  • Atlas Copco Open Protocol

  • DDE (for Siemens 840D)

  • WebSockets

  • PMon (FIS)

  • Siemens MPI


  • Digital I/Os

  • Modbus

  • OPC-UA

  • OPC-DA

  • Q-DAS

  • RS232

  • SOAP

  • MQTT

  • SMB

  • FTP

  • ... and many others! 


Use cases

Pick By light image


Error proofing applications can be easily configured to mix computational logic, sensores and actuators with ST-One.

Box with a barcode

Data Capture Point

Because it has many interfaces, ST-One can be the bridge between shop floor devices and superior systems, databases or PLCs.

Andon Board system

Andon Board

It is easy to connect to a display and show real time data with customized and dynamic layouts using ST-One.


Node-RED is the programming tool of ST-One, for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.

It provides a browser-based editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette that can be deployed to its runtime in a single-click.



Cockpit is the configuration and monitoring center of ST-One, there you  can manage and configure all system interfaces like network, clock, and display.
Cockpit is accessible via web browser and can also be used to monitore  all resources like CPU usage, Disk Space, Memory, and Network usage of multiple ST-Ones in a single interface.
Up view of ST-One

Industrial connectors

 ST-One's plug and play connectors makes it easier to install and replace 

Back view of ST-One

Standard 35 mm DIN

 The small form-factor fits perfectly to all electric panels

Down view of ST-One


It's easy to expand the connections by using USB modules of all kinds 


Family ST-One ®
Model S1I301
Protection marking IP20
Real Time Clock Yes


Lower voltage limit (DC) 10 V
Upper voltage limit (DC) 30 V
Max power consumption 12.3 W (4.8 W CPU + 7.5 W USB peripherals)


Video 1 HDMI
Network 2.4 GHz Wireless 
Bluetooth 4.1
1 Ethernet
I/O 4 Digital Inputs 
4 Digital Outputs 
Busses 4 USBs
1 RS-232 
Audio 1 Analog Stereo


CPU Quad Core ARM Cortex A-53 1.2GHz
GPU 400 MHz VideoCore IV
Storage 32 GB 
(64 GB or 128 GB optional)
Size and dimensions of ST-One

Size and dimensions

  • Height: 114 mm

  • Width: 118 mm

  • Depth: 22 mm

  • Weight: 150 g

Hardware description of ST-One


  1. Power port for initial programming

  2. HDMI port

  3. Audio or composite video

  4. Ethernet RJ45 port

  5. USB ports

  6. Digital Outputs

  7. Digital inputs

  8. Micro SD card

  9. WiFi/Bluetooth antenna

  10. RS-232 Serial

  11. DIN Rail

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