Windows setup

In this step-by-step tutorial we will teach you how to setup your PenDAq on Windows (seven or superior).

The best way to get data from your PenDAq is using Node-RED which is an open source platform created by IBM and currently maintained by JS Foundation.
You can find more details about Node-RED here.

Step 1: download

 Download the installation file here:

PenDAq + Node-RED

This package will install the following softwares:

  • NodeJS

  • Node-RED

  • PenDAq node

  • PenDAq Windows Driver

Step 2: installation

With your PenDAq disconnected from your PC run the installer.

In case Windows throw you a warn about security just click on "More info" and select "Run anyway"

Choose your language:

Read and accept the terms and click "Next"

Choose if you want to create a shortcut on your desktop to run Node-RED easier and also choose if you want to send us crash reports automatically and click on "Next"

The installation process will start

During the installation Windows will prompt you with this screen below. Please mark the option "Always trust software from "USB\VID_0461PID_0200" and click on install.

When the installation is complete you will be prompted with a request for restarting your PC, please restart before proceeding the next steps.

After restart connect your PenDAq and wait for Windows to recognize the device. In case Windows request you to reboot your PC push Restart Now.

Step 3: acquiring data

After installing all required packages it's time to test your environment. Open your preferred browser and type and the following address:


You should see this web interface:

Now click twice in the PenDAq node in the center of the screen and the edit page should appear.

Click on "Select a device" and select your PenDAq. After selecting your device click on "Done" and then "Deploy"

Your PenDAq is ready to be used !

Once you click in the "Trigger" button and select the debug tab (in the up-right corner) you will be able to see data acquired from your PenDAq

Now you are ready to export those acquisitions to all outputs offered by Node-RED (websocket, TCP, UDP, Files, etc.)

Still have problems ?

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