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PenDAq connected to a computer and showing a graphic.

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For students

PenDAq ® is perfect for students, teachers and hobbyists. 

Open source tools

You can find a lot of open source tools in our support page. There you can download and use it for free.

Easy to learn

PenDAq ®  is easy to use and easy to learn.


Because of the USB interface PenDAq® can be connected to all modern computers Using a USB Hub it's possible to expand the number of devices attached to the same port.  

PenDAq USB connector


With only 64mm high, PenDAq® has a similar dimension of most of the standard USB sticks.

PenDAq dimmensions

4 Channels

PenDA® has 4 input channels with 2 kHz of sample rate (per channel). The reference voltage is 5 volts, directly from the USB port. It is the perfect environment for acquiring signals from analog sensor.

PenDAq pin header

Easy to connect

PenDA® has a connection header that makes easy to attach it to a proto board for signal acquisition

PenDAq connected to a protoboard