Smart Test Bench

plug and learn

Image of a cable beeing connected to a test-bench


The Smart Test Bench is intuitive
for plugging and learning.


Modules can be developed on demand
according to customer's request.


We use the best technologies to protect your
 device against short-circuits.


The structure of the test bench was designed to be simple to mount, expand and reconfigure. Each module can be easily added or removed.

Adding a module to a test-bench


Because of the usage of modular metal bars the Smart Test bench can be adapted to be mounted in a wall, stand in a table, or any other surface.

Image of a test bench in a table and in the wall


The Smart Test bench is modular. This means that new features can be added any time.

Image of a module out of the test-bench

Modules gallery

our current list of functionalities 

Image of a Digital I/O module

Digital I/O

This module can be used for setting outputs, through switch buttons, or showing inputs using LEDs.

Image of a Power Supply module

Power Supply

This module uses a standard ATX Source to supply power for other modules or experiments.

Image of a DAQ module


The DAQ module is used to acquire signals and send it to a PC connected via USB port it is also possible to set outputs through the same port. 

Image of a Display Module

Display module

The display module is used for showing states of different variables. This can be very useful in control & automation experiments.

Image of a Discrete Control Module

Discrete control

The discrete control module emulate a thermal plant.It has some inputs and outputs for controlling and monitoring the plant.

Image of a Dimmer Module


The Dimmer module can be used for dimmer medium power devices, such as 60W lamps. 

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